Wedding Day Greeting/Receiving Line

November 22, 2021
wedding guest receiving line / greeting line

Why are wedding day greeting / receiving lines so important?


Quicker – Efficient – Opportunity

As someone who is with you for nearly your entire wedding day, I like to get as much detail prior to the big day as possible. One of the questions I always ask when we have our pre wedding meeting is, “are you having a receiving line”? And the answer is nearly always, “what’s that?”

A receiving line is a lovely way for you newlywedsย to greet all of your wedding guests. Itโ€™s fairly simple: You line up and say hello to them as they walk past.

Some people are of the opinion that receiving lines take up too much time but with so many guests coming to celebrate your wedding day with you I feel its really important that you get a chance to thank them for helping you to celebrate your marriage. Realistically, you probably wont get a chance to do this later on throughout the day and so, the best way to do it is with a receiving line.

If you decide to go ahead and have one, doing it directly after your ceremony is the perfect opportunity. Once youโ€™ve signed on the dotted line and walked down the aisle, stand by the exit of the ceremony venue and all of your guests will see you as they leave.

A formal line will SPEED up the entire process and get through people quicker knowing you’ve photos to do.

It’s going to be tempting to have full conversations with each of your guests, especially those that you might not have seen in some time, but please do try keep it short and sweet. The rest of your guests will be excited to get out to you so don’t hold them up any longer than necessary. A quick hug, kiss and thank you is suffice.

These moments really do make for some beautiful photos that you can look back on time & time again. You’ll be at your most relaxed, you wont know Im there with my camera and so, I can capture these, natural, fleeting moments perfectly ๐Ÿฅฐ


Not doing a line will SLOW your day down a lot and you’ll loose out on more time back at your drinks reception.

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