Seagrave Barns Wedding | Irelands Top Wedding Venue

June 21, 2022

Seagrave Barns – Unique Wedding Venue

Wedding Photography

Shooting here is amazing! Having the luxury of doing your wedding outside or if the weather turns then the option of inside is class. On this particular day the weather was sunny but very windy and it had to be held in doors.

Family Photos – When and Where?

The greeting line was done within the nice forestry area along with a group photo and mingling time with the guests. Family photos happened not long afterwards to allow the day run smoothy, we did them soon as the couple finished shaking hands with everyone. This is a really good time to do family photos as we have everyone needed and nobody is missing. Fast and efficient is how we like to get the family formals out of the way.

Couple shoot happened immediately after the family photos because they wanted to get back in time to meet more of the friends and family.

Wedding Sunset Shots

Evening sunset was magic and the only way to get wedding sunset shots is by grabbing the couple at the right time – this happened to fall just last they had finished their main course. We went out the back for less than 15mins to get some wonderful photos.