When to book my wedding suppliers

February 23, 2021

Some couples spend 2/3 years planning their big day, others just 6 months and when to book your wedding suppliers is one of the most popular questions asked.

If your one of those wondering, then grouping your suppliers into two categories will be of massive benefit to you.

Those that can cater for more than one wedding a day and those who cant

The ones only able to take one wedding per day like your photographer, videographer, band, make-up artist, hairstylist, ceremony singer etc should all be booked early on in the planning stages. Ones with a bit more flexibility and can cater for multiple weddings like your florist, cake maker, selfie mirror, room decor etc can be booked later.

However, your venue (and church if having a religious ceremony) are the most important suppliers to contact as soon as you decide to start the wedding planning. They will determine the location and date of your big day. Without a definite date, there’s no point contacting any one else.

Remember, timing is everything and when it comes to wedding planning this couldn’t be more accurate. I see it time and time again where couples have their heart set on a particular supplier only to find, on enquiry they’re already booked up. So, if you know you want a certain band or photographer 😉, get in touch straight away. Trust me, its never too early to book. 👌

Some of my top recommdations for suppliers are:

Videographer: Doyenne Films

Hair & Make Up: Pamela Matthews Hair and Makeup

Band: Men in Black

Ceremony music: Jacinta McIntyre and Laura Colgan

Florist: Suin Ni Laoi

when to boo your wedding day suppliers

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