3 Reasons For Comfortable Shoes

September 9, 2020
Wedding Shoes | Why to wear comfy shoes

3 Reasons for comfortable shoes

Substance over Style!

Heels vs Comfort


Most brides choose heels for theyre big day, but…why? Unless your dress is short, your shoes will hardly be seen.

From a photographers point of view, heres 3 reasons why I think brides should choose substance over style!

1. Comfort

I know heels are pretty and I get why women like to wear them but (and Im not speaking from experience here 😂) some are just plain uncomfortable. If your feet tend to get really tired and achy from wearing heels, why would you put yourself through that? Its a long day, you want to enjoy every minute, dont let a pair of shoes ruin it. Plus, you do not want to look grumpy in your photos because your feet hurt!!

2. Difficult to walk in

For most brides, walking up the aisle is when your guests will see you first. Youll want that walk to be graceful, elegant even. However, not everyone is comfortable walking in heels and it can be hard to look graceful, especially when nerves have kicked in too. If this is something that you know youll struggle with, or thinking of that walk is stressing you out then ditch the heels and rock something much easier to walk in.

3. Your surroundings

Think about your wedding location. Whats the ground like? Rough, lots of grass, maybe even some sand?? Walking in heels on these types of natural surfaces can be fairly tricky.
So, reduce your risk of tripping by opting for a lower heel. Or, at least have a comfy pair of flats, runners, maybe even wellies with you!! These quirky little details will make for some amazing photographs!

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