March 22, 2019
choosing a wedding singer with Darren Byrne Photography

Anne-Maire Powderly Wedding Music

What to look for when choosing your wedding singer.

1. Experience and versatility

2. Their set up.

3. Overall service Level of experience.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so you want to book experienced, professional wedding singers and musicians for your day.

A few things to ponder. How long have they been singing in a professional capacity? What styles and genres can they cover? Will they be able to sing religious hymns, or sing in other languages aswell as cover contemporary music. Do they have a wide variety of music that can be added to? Are they willing to learn new songs to suit your requests. Can they collaborate with other musicians or singers if required. Have they an ability to work with the celebrant and other suppliers on location that day? Set up Have they their own pa system that they know how to use? Do they play an instrument or use backing tracks? If using backing tracks how will they shorten or lengthen pieces of music. If they provide an instrument are you paying an accompanist or can they self accompany.

Dont be afraid to ask questions

Often those who self accompany may come in at a lower price than others. This does not reflect quality or experience. Pricing is usually set taking into account insurance, travel, rehearsal time and the ceremony itself Do they take a booking fee and are they easy to contact? Is there a contract supplied on booking? Overall service Look for reviews on their social media. Are they consistent? Where can you see your wedding singer live? Their location is also a factor in this. If they are further away there will be a travel charge. Will it be easy to meet with your singer or are you happy enough to use video calling to get in touch? Can you get a sense of them via phone call/video call meeting. Most importantly, would they be the type of person you would like to have at your ceremony. It comes down to energy and synergy at the end of the day.

“Why book Anne-Marie Powderly wedding music” I am a highly experienced wedding singer and guitarist with over 20 years of experience singing at weddings, funerals and events. I gave up the permanent and personable to become a professional wedding singer. This is my day job!! My background is social care so I bring alot of people skills to the job. I specialise in wedding music and I cover a wide variety of styles. I can attribute this to my vast vocal range. During initial meetings I work intuitively with each couple, helping them to choose the music that will work for them. It is my role to ensure your music enhances and works in synergy with the flow of your ceremony. I love what I do, I put my heart and soul into your chosen pieces and that is sure to be reflected during your ceremony. Annie.xxxx

What to choose when trying to pick a wedding singer

Many thanks to Annie for sharing her tips on the wedding music industry.