Sligo Wedding


Stunning Location for wedding photos

The wedding journey with Denise & Jason began 3 years ago when we attended a wedding fair in Sligo! We went down with a van packed to the rafters with photos and our vision for a wedding photography stand.

Myself and Juliana arrived the Friday evening before the event to setup and create our stand. Spending about 4 hours working up until midnight, we finally got the stand finished and ready for opening the next morning.


Wedding fairs are very hit and miss but we do our best to try get ourselves into the odd few here and there throughout the year to get our faces in front of newly engaged couples in Ireland. It is hard to show the entire premium service we provide online so the wedding fair offers that one to one connection. Plenty of people popped by over the course of two days, which provided us the opportunity to be considered as wedding photographer for their wedding day.

Denise and Jason happened to be one couple who popped by that day,  and to be honest it couldn’t have went any better as we hit it off straight away. Denise took some time to choose her photographer, which we feel is the right thing to do. It’s about balancing taking time to make a decision yet deciding quick enough as the date may be gone if you wait too long.  Also, jumping at a photographer because of an offer isn’t always the right thing to do.

The wedding day arrived finally in 28th February 2020 with a good storm thrown into the mix for good measure!  This didn’t dampen any spirits among the wedding party and they set aside the weather and had a blast. From bridal prep until the moment I left the reception room in The Diamond Coast Hotel after plenty of dancing, the bride & groom enjoyed every minute of the day & continued to late into the night!



sligo wedding with a wonderful background for a wedding photo