Jacinta talks wedding music – Award winning singer

March 22, 2019
wedding singer Jacinta McIntyre

Jacinta McIntyre Wedding Singer

Being a wedding photographer in Ireland allows me to travel this amazing country for hosting the best weddings but also to meet amazing wedding singers. Top wedding suppliers usually find themselves working alongside each other regularly. Im very luck to work and live in an area thats close by to a lot of Ireland’s top wedding venues.

I asked Jacinta to give me give me 3 things people need to know/look out for when choosing a wedding singer for their big wedding day

below was her response
  1. A singers voice, style and versatility would be key as you want goosebumps on your big day, you also want your singers voice to capture the emotion at those exact special moments throughout your ceremony.
    Versatility and song repertoire also has to be key as each couple have different tastes and requests.

2. Online presence,reviews and consistency and professionalism are a huge key for any couple when they search for a singer.
Look for someone who can give you a personable touch.
Each singer should have readily available video material online for you to watch.

3. Each and every single couple deserve to know that their singer is 150% committed to not only providing music on their big day but also to guide them along the steps in the run up to their wedding….
Each couple should be confident that once they have their music set they can hand the reigns over to their singer to provide the best service on their big day

Why you should choose Jacinta McIntrye

I am not only a committed and dedicated singer I am also a former bride who experienced the whole planning process back in 2012.
As exciting and stressful as it was I would love to do it all again,so I bring that knowledge to the table amongst providing the best and friendliest service to each couple I have.
I sing my absolute heart out at every ceremony, it doesnt matter if I am asked to sing the same entrance song 50 times for 50 different couples I put my heart,soul and emotion into each couples ceremony.

I help to Taylor make a ceremony to suit each person and I give you my full attention when you need me I’m there from start to finish💜
My reviews definitely reflect this 🥰
I absolutely adore my job💜